Managing iron at winter times

In order to prevent such rust, it is important to wipe the head with a dry cloth constantly. Especially, it is important to keep in mind that moist unremoved after snow rounding damages the forged irons. Alien substances stuck on the head of the iron in winter times also causes problem. Especially ball marks are printed on the head face after hitting the hardened ball in winter. When this occur, don’t use scrubbers to wipe them off. Use polishing wash which cleans the small damages on the club head. Shaft management is also important. When shafts are suddenly moved from cold location to indoors, fine moist occurs. Also, steel shafts are sensitive to such moist than graphite shafts. These moist may generate inside the shaft as well. Therefore, if you went rounding in the snow remove the moist inside the shaft by placing the club upside down and rub rust prevention products before storing.