Stretching Method for Winter Golf

Also, when going to the field in a long time, visiting indoor driving ranges 2~3 times prior could be another way of stretching. Like everyone already knows, it is important to stretch the neck, arm, shoulder, leg and ankle prior to exercising at winter. Stretching is important even in other seasons. There are also stretching method using a golf club. The motion raising the arms high holding the each end of the golf club, and twisting the body left to right while rotating the waist, wrist, and ankle could help stretching the stiffened body. Another important point of concern is skin management after winter golf rounding. When the skin is exposed in the cold weather for a long time, the already dry skin may become drier. Therefore, sufficient moisture supply is important. Constantly using moisture maintenance products after rounding, using skin packs, and constantly drinking water to maintain skin moisture is important. Also, cold weather of winter is fatal to golf clubs. Especially, careless storage of drivers could damage the thin face of the driver. Therefore, it is better keeping the unused drivers at home when going to outdoor driving ranges. Also, using the cover to protect golf clubs are important. At winter times, it is important to safely and carefully manage golf club heads sensitive to impact. Iron management is important as well. Irons look the most solid among golf clubs. In fact due to wrought forged materials of iron makes it vulnerable to rust. Rust is not only unpleasant to look, but also causes problems in the clubs functionality. Therefore, keeping the skin moist and iron and maintaining the iron dry is important.